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        1.   Yuhuan county big embellish machine tool plant, located in the beautiful coastal city - yuhuan, is located in the middle of China's gold coast, north of ningbo-taizhou-wenzhou highway, south of wenzhou machine tool, the traffic is very convenient.

            Big embellish machine tool manufacturing double boring and milling machine, CNC lathe knife tower, milling end face centering machine, slant bed CNC lathe and so on, according to the specific requirements of the user's configuration. Has a simple and practical, reasonable structure, high precision speed etc, to achieve automatic control, automatic cutting of various parts of the inner hole, cylindrical, end, grooving arbitrary cone, sphere, all kinds of the metric system for cylindrical and conical thread. Widely used in electrical appliances, instruments and meters, automobile and motorcycle parts, fastener, bearing, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware tools, watches, glasses, cultural and educational supplies, motor, valve, gas pipe and other high-precision processing and manufacturing of complex parts.

            We for users to reduce costs, improve efficiency, to make to maximize return on investment. And improve the production efficiency is focused on using efficient of machine tools. We really pay attention to the design and manufacture of machine tools, in line with the pursuit of high precision, high speed, high strength, we give strict checks for each part of machine tool, the rationality of the structure of bearing, lubrication, guides and especially paying attention to our machine XZ to adopt Taiwan linear guide intensity, avoid the user for precision machine tool guideway wear loss of overhaul of trouble, so that each big embellish machine tool users can realize the value, low failure rate and efficient after-sales service for the user to solve the trouble back at home.

            We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire, patronize my company's products, and hope that friends from all walks of life capital, technology, market and so on all aspects of sincere cooperation. In the current numerical control machine tool development situation, to create a brilliant tomorrow.